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  The sea with its broad inclusive hundreds of rivers; the mountain with its massiness marked by vicissitudes. We are in the spirit of faith, pragmatism, professional dedication and innovation, pursue excellence to realize the business goal of “create a good company, develop steadily for 20 years”.     Over the several years, Hongshuo has carved out a new domain of progress. We established the company image based on the point of “there’s no particular order when entering the market”, persisting to the development strategy of “based on carpets production, develop pluralistically in team operation”, adhering to the marketing idea of “take credit as life, products oriented, relying on the quality and service, take price as a lever, profit centered”. All of which makes beautiful and charming scenery in China’s modernization.     Our Hongshuo people are honestly willing to make friends broadly, and let’s strive for the country’s brilliant future together!  

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